I have many years experience in programming numerical simulations. My forte being in building analogues of real-world physical systems particularly, though not exclusively employing monte-carlo methods. I have particular experience in simulations of condensed matter physics. Presently I am researching the diffusion of hydrogen in palladium via monte-carlo simulations of this classic lattice gas.

Thus if you are interested in some piece of numerical modelling you may consider dropping me an email. You may be interested in modelling / optimising an n-variable system which cannot be tackled analytically. Possibly an industrial or financial process with many input variables for which a minimum cost / time / energy configuration is required. Try me I rather fancy a challenge.

Additionally I have considerable experience in LaTeX and would happily run a short, 1 day course, to introduce LaTeX typesetting and get users up to speed.

I am in a slightly unusual position in having taught physics, mathematics and computing from secondary school to university level whilst working part-time as a researcher on and off for over 10 years. In this time I have also taught adults on evening courses and similar, I feel that I am experienced in delivering at a level appropriate for my audience.