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Hi .. this site exists primarily to illustrate projects in pre-university physics, geophysics and computing.

Part of my rational being that:-

Ian at makerfaire2018
Displaying Infrasound Monitor at makerFaire 2018
  1. You are interested in training/consultancy in computational modelling or LaTeX.
  2. Any of my old chums, wiling away a boring day at work may decide to try looking me up.
  3. You are interested in promoting 'real science' (S.T.E.M) projects in schools/colleges.
  4. You are interested in building a leading in-house and outreach STEM programme.
  5. If anyone is seeking an experienced, enthusiastic and proactive Physics / Mathematics / Computing Teacher to A-level / IB in the UK (esp. the North East), New Zealand, Canada, Australia or France.

At a personal level I am committed to setting up a national class STEM programme in the sort of geophysics/space-science projects described here, either in-house or as an outreach programme. I would welcome the opportunity to do so as part of my day job in a school or college rather than at present pursuing this goal privately.

These projects are cheap, research-level and are being released open-source. I would be happy to offer help to any individual or educational establishment who would like a go.

Drop me a line if interested.

Significant Activities

  • Teaching Physics, Computing, Electronics primary to adult
  • Developing innovative STEM projects
  • Ongoing engagement in various outreach activities
  • Ongoing research in computational physics
  • Precision gemstone faceting
  • Coding, Photography, Silversmithing, Typography

Significant Places

  • Holly Mount RC Primary School
  • Bury Grammar School for Boys
  • Aston University B.Sc. Physics
  • Manchester University P.G.C.E. Physics
  • Salford University M.Sc. Computational Physics
  • Salford University Ph.D. Computational Physics