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Will teach or code for food!

About Me

A fairly busy sort of 56 yr old. Whilst teaching Physics in a Sixth Form in the North East I recently completed a Ph.D. in Computational Physics modelling the diffusion and crystallisation of hydrogen isotope ‘lattice gases’ in Palladium. I am presently developing virtual diffraction software to compute diffraction patterns from atomistic models i.e. directly from atomic positions rather than from an a priori known structure. I previously coded this successfully, the new version is reading from the standard chemical XYZ format and exploits CUDA for much faster parallel processing on suitable video cards.

Outside of work my active interests include: precision gemstone faceting, fly fishing, programming, electronics and developing educational materials.

I am especially interested in developing innovative 'STEM' (horrible term) projects, especially in geophysics. I have demonstrated school/home geophysics sensing projects at the Newcastle MakerFaire 2016,2017 and 2018 as well as at physics teacher training sessions. Other active projects include seismometers, a gravimeter, a mobile gradiometer for geophysics surveys and a proton precession magnetometer. I am looking to find schools & individuals interested in forming a network of these systems. I am very interested in collaborating with interested parties on developing outreach activities in physics, geophysics, electronics and computing.

Open to interesting job offers.