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This site is becoming confused with stuff about my school science projects, post-doc research, gem cutting etc. I have registered a new domain schoolphysicsprojects.org and will shift all the school/amateur physics projects to there, leaving this site for post-doc, personal and commercial work.

Hi .. this site exists primarily to illustrate some of my projects in pre-university physics, geophysics and computing as well as my current research interests. School science projects are in the 'STEM Projects' section above with occasional updates in the 'Blog' section.

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Displaying at MakerFaire 2018

This site may be worth browsing if you are interested in:-

  • consultancy in computational physics.
  • virtual crystallography.
  • infrasound detection.
  • promoting 'real science' (S.T.E.M) projects in schools/colleges.
  • building a leading in-house and outreach STEM programme.
  • higher level physics tuition.
Some Recent Examples
Aurora Monitor Pi Seismic Monitor Code Infrasound Monitor
Computational Physics SIDspot Chip Design

Drop me a line if interested.

Significant Activities

  • Teaching Physics, Computing, Electronics, Engineering primary to adult for ~25 yrs.
  • Developing innovative STEM projects.
  • Ongoing engagement in various outreach activities.
  • Ongoing research in geophysics & computational physics.
  • Four major physics department lab designs/restructuring.
  • Design of computing/electronics labs.
  • Various works for exam boards.

Significant Enrichment Organised

  • Running higher level top-up classes for A-level physics & computing.
  • Lightning Detector Project.
  • HiSparK Cosmic Ray Detector.
  • 'Programming for Scientists' courses.
  • Physics Olympiad / A.E.A.
  • School Seismometer.
  • Build a 3d printer.
  • Aurora Monitoring Station.
  • Infrasound Monitoring Station.
  • Introduction to LaTeX.
  • Experiment based science E.P.Q.
  • Physics/electronics project outreach in local secondary schools.
  • Primary school - programming & electronics.

Opinions expressed on this site are my own and not necessarily those of my current employer.